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Stories of the Templars: the origins of the order of the temple

Posted on August 06 2023

Histoires des Templiers : les origines de l'ordre du temple

Stories of the Templars

In the twists and turns of medieval history , a mystical and warlike order emerged, leaving an indelible mark on the world. The Templars , these enigmatic knights, have aroused fascination and intrigue for centuries. Let's dive into the heart of their story, exploring the origins of their noble quest, their meteoric rise and their tragic fall. Possessions Sepulcher Abbey Last Grand Master Saladin Knight of the Cross Archbishop Grand Prior Nobility Lords saint-jean-d'acre Templar Ring

I. The Origins and Foundation of the Templars :

A. The Crusades and the Medieval Context

The 11th century marked the beginning of an era of fervent devotion and political turmoil in Europe, as the Crusades loomed as a sacred and daring quest. These military expeditions of the Order of Christ to the Holy Land aim to liberate the holy places from the yoke of the infidels, and they catalyze a unique union between religious ideal and political ambition. The Holy Land becomes the central pivot of this enterprise, an issue of crucial importance for the Christian West, where faith and strategy combine in a complex symphony. Order founded Created the Godfrey order Donations Pilgrimage Bishops
Council of the Holy Sepulcher Sovereign Order Temple of Solomon Count Turks Clairvaux Priory Rhodes
B. The Birth of the Order of the Templars

In the year 1119, in the heart of Jerusalem, Hugues de Payns and Geoffrey de Saint-Omer (the first commanders of the Order of the Temple) laid the first stones of an order that would shake the echoes of history. The birth of the knightly order of the Templars with a commander is a major event, an act of dedication which merges monastic asceticism with the chivalric spirit . Their vocation is twofold: to ensure the protection of pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land and to defend sacred places against growing threats. From then on, the innovative knights of the order plunged into the heart of the tumults of the times, ready to defend their faith and forge a legacy that will endure through the ages. It is the founding of one of the most renowned religious orders of the Knights of the Cross. Hospitaller Orders Innocent Masons

The Knights Templar's early missions in the Holy Land reveal their unwavering dedication to their sacred mission . As vigilant guardians of dangerous roads, they ensure the safety of pilgrims, demonstrating exemplary bravery. Their heroic exploits and their first steps mark the beginning of an extraordinary saga, where duty and honor intertwine in a solemn oath to God and humanity. Members of the Monk-Soldier order

History of the Templars: From Legendary Knights to Keepers of Medieval Secrets. The list of orders representing the Templars: Order of Malta with the Knights of Malta, Order of Hospitallers with the Knights Hospitaller of Saint John, Teutonic Order with the Teutonic Knights, Order of Saint Lazarus, Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. Freemasonry Templars and Hospitallers Masonry Sovereign Order of Malta Convent Dignitaries Power of the order Knight of Malta Founder of the order Orders of chivalry

Knight Templar

II. The Rise of Power and Influence of the Templars :

A. The Expansion of the Order in Europe

As word of their exploits in the Holy Land spread, the soldier monks began an ambitious expansion across Europe. Establishing commanderies and strategic strongholds, they quickly became major players in the geopolitics of the time. These scattered commandery strongholds create a network of logistical and security support, helping to strengthen their influence in distant lands to support the knights of the temple. It was also within these commanderies that a close link was born between the Knights of the Temple and economic power, laying the foundations for their crucial role in financing the crusades . Indeed, their mastery of financial affairs allowed them to raise considerable funds to support the efforts of the crusade for the crusaders, transforming the order into a real economic power. Temple of Knowledge

B. The Values ​​and Structure of the Order

The Templars are not just fearless warriors , but also guardians of deeply rooted values . Their solemn vows of poverty , chastity and obedience reflect their dedication to an ascetic existence, putting aside earthly desires to serve a nobler cause. The Templars ' code of conduct requires unwavering loyalty to the order and the faith, reinforcing their reputation as men of integrity and incorruptibility. Internally, the order is structured hierarchically, with a charismatic grand master at its head, the head of the order. Members are held to strict discipline, undergoing rigorous training that prepares them to face the complex challenges of their times. This strong organization and their intrinsic values ​​forge the identity of the Templars as guardians of virtue and duty, laying the foundations for a legacy that endures through the ages. Patriarch French Knights Seat of the Order Xie Cardinal Last of the Templars Priests Prussia Grandmasters Fortress Diocese Maltese Cross
Templar Soldier

III. The Decline and Fall of the Order of the Templars :

A. The Charges and Trials

At the height of their glory, the order of knights became the subject of dark rumors and pernicious accusations. These allegations, fueled by political and financial interests, cast a threatening shadow over the order. Accusations of heretical practices, pagan worship, and other wrongdoing ultimately lead to the brutal arrest of the Templars . One of the most notable moments of this period was the order's famous trial, where knights were subjected to merciless torture to extract confessions. This dark episode reveals the fragility of the Templars' position in the face of forces that seek to discredit and destroy them.

B. The Dissolution of the Order

The wave of accusations and disastrous trials jeopardize the very existence of the Templar order . In 1312, Pope Clement V, under pressure from powerful people such as the French king Philippe le Bel, declared the suppression of the order. This radical decision by the papacy sealed the fate of the Templars as a military and monastic organization. The order's assets were confiscated, and its members were dispersed, bringing centuries of dedicated service to an abrupt end. Jacque de Molay, the last grand master of the commandery, was arrested and burned at the stake for heresy in the 13th century in Paris. The end of the Templars, a religious order, marks a dark page in history, a tragic decline for a brotherhood which once dazzled the world with its courage and determination . He is considered the last Templar.

Templar Sword

IV. The Legacy of the Templars through the Ages :

A. Legends and Myths

The Templars, enigmatic figures charged with secrets and exploits, have woven a veil of mystery which has endured through the centuries. Tales abound of the hidden treasures of the Templars , impenetrable riches hidden in unknown places. These fascinating legends have fueled the collective imagination, giving rise to heroic quests and captivating novels about their exploits and the treasure of the Templars. The influence of the Templars also extends to popular culture and contemporary fiction . Many literary, cinematographic and artistic works draw their inspiration from the order of the Templars, weaving a continuous link between past and present, between historical reality and imaginative creation.

B. Historical and Artistic Heritage

Throughout the twists and turns of time, military orders have left their mark on the historical and artistic landscape . Sites and monuments linked to the order still stand today, silent witnesses to a bygone era. From their imposing fortresses to churches adorned with Templar symbols, these historical remains invite a journey into the past, evoking the heroism and dedication of the knights. The impact of the Templars on medieval art and architecture is equally undeniable, imbuing every detail with rich and mystical symbolism. Their emblems , such as the cross pattée and the Templar crosses , continue to fascinate and inspire, recalling the greatness of a once powerful order.

Templar bracelet


Our journey through the history of the Templars took us on a fascinating journey, marked by moments of grandeur , tragedy and eternal mystery . From modest guardians of pilgrims in the Holy Land, the Templars evolved into an influential force that shaped the political and religious balance of their time. The rise of this military order was the result of a unique combination of Christian religious devotion , military skill , and wise economic management . They demonstrated that faith and courage could coexist in a common quest, establishing a legacy that continues to capture our imagination.

However, the history of the Templar militia is also marked by the darkness of their decline. Perfidious accusations and merciless trials have erased some of their light, revealing humanity's frailties in the face of power and manipulation. The dissolution of the order marked the end of an era, but their legacy has persisted, passed down through the stories, works of art and historic places that still bear the seal of the Knights Templar .

Today, the aura of the Templars continues to shine with a mystical radiance . Their legends and myths defy time, recalling the hidden treasures and secrets that remain to be discovered. Their influence reverberates through popular culture, testifying to the enduring appeal of these medieval heroes . Historic sites and monuments associated with the Knights Templar are windows into a past rich in exploits and dedication, offering captivating perspectives for modern explorers.

As we contemplate the complex legacy of the Knights Templar, we are invited to reflect on how history can shape our perception of the world and spark a timeless fascination. Whether through the pages of books, the corners of museums or the remains of castles, the spirit of the Templars lives on , reminding us that even in the darkness, the light of their courage and dedication continues to illuminate our path throughout the ages.

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