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Meaning of the Templar cross: The Mystery of the Cross Pattée

Posted on August 16 2023

Signification de la croix des Templiers : Le Mystère de la Croix Pattée

The Mystery of the Cross Pattée

Delve into the fascinating past of human history and discover a symbol that has captivated minds throughout the ages: the cross pattée . This mysterious symbol, rich in meanings and interpretations, has crossed the boundaries of time and culture to become an intriguing element of our collective heritage.

The cross pattée , also known as the eight-pointed cross , is much more than a simple arrangement of lines. She embodies a mystery deeply entangled in the stories of humanity, from Antiquity to the present day. In this article, we will venture into the labyrinth of its complex history, exploring its historical origins, its artistic variations and the multiple meanings it has taken on over time.

Join us on this adventure through time and space, as we unveil the many facets of the mystery of the Templar Cross and reveal the richness of its symbolism.

Pattée cross ring

I. Historical Origins of the Cross Pattée

The cross pattée , with its eight distinctive points, transports us through the corridors of time to the mysteries of Antiquity. Its origins, although shrouded in the obscurity of history, offer a fascinating insight into ancient cultures and their beliefs.

A. Ancient Cultures and Sacred Symbols

The history of the cross pattée blends harmoniously with those of ancient civilizations, each of which contributed to shaping this enigmatic symbol. In ancient Egypt, it evoked protection and regeneration , its eight ends representing the cardinal points and celestial cycles .

In ancient Greece, the cross pattée, sometimes called the "Greek cross", symbolized the meeting of spirituality and matter . It was the place of convergence between the divine and the earthly, expressing the idea of ​​balance and harmony in the universe.

B. Religious and Warlike Uses

The cross pattée , the cross of the Templars , also played a central role in religious and warlike contexts. In the Middle Ages, it was adopted by the Crusaders , becoming a symbol of faith and devotion to Christianity during the Crusades . The Knights Templar, for example, proudly displayed the cross pattée on their armor and standards, reflecting their commitment to their sacred mission and looking for a quest for spirituality .

In the Christian context, the cross pattée evolved to represent the cross of Christ , with each branch symbolizing an aspect of the Christian faith, from love to justice to patience and strength . Its use in churches and religious artwork speaks to its role as a symbol of spiritual devotion , of spiritual forces , spiritual discipline and
spiritual life.

C. Cultural Influences and Iconic Synthesis

Over time, the cross pattée has absorbed influences from diverse cultures, merging symbols, meanings and worldviews. This is how this symbol, once anchored in specific beliefs, has become an iconic element of synthesis, transcending geographical and spiritual boundaries.

The cross pattée now embodies the essence of the cultural diversity and spiritual wealth of humanity. In the following sections, we will dive deeper into the specific interpretations of this symbol, revealing its deeper meaning in varied contexts.

Cross pattée: Templar cross

II. Variations and Characteristics of the Cross Pattée

The cross pattée , with its intriguing contours and multiple branches, comes in a variety of styles and features that have evolved over the centuries. Each variation adds a unique dimension to this timeless symbol, giving it a wealth of meanings and interpretations.

A. A Range of Aesthetic Variations

The Templar cross , despite its eight distinctive points, has undergone artistic variations which have contributed to its diverse character. Some variations feature slender, tapered ends, while others adopt shorter, thicker tips. These aesthetic differences influence the perception of the symbol, adding nuances to its interpretation.

The geometric variations of the cross pattée can also manifest themselves in different proportions between the branches, creating unique visual balances. These aesthetic variations have emerged across cultures and eras, reflecting the artistic and aesthetic sensibilities of each period.

B. Ornamental Details and Adjacent Symbols

The ornamental features of the cross pattée play a vital role in communicating its meaning . The engraved designs, chiseled details, and decorative elements that adorn the cross add layers of symbolic depth . Sometimes adjacent inscriptions or symbols are embedded around the cross, amplifying its spiritual or historical message.

The symbols adjacent to the cross pattée may vary depending on cultural and religious context . For example, flowers, stars or geometric patterns can be combined with the cross to reinforce a specific theme or to convey a subtle message. These ornamental details provide fertile ground for diverse interpretations.

C. Comparisons with Other Symbolic Crosses

When exploring religious and spiritual symbols, it is inevitable to encounter other crosses that carry deeper meanings. Among them, the Latin cross and the Greek cross stand out for their distinctive shapes and stories. Comparing the cross pattée with other symbolic crosses allows us to highlight the specificities that make it a unique and recognizable symbol .

While sharing common elements with other crosses, the cross pattée stands out for its characteristic layout and aesthetic variations. This distinction gives the cross pattée its own identity, influenced by the cultures, beliefs and eras that shaped it. Divine Wisdom Theology Saints Souls Angels Reiki Piety Spiritual elite Magicians Thérèse Forms of spirituality Spiritual current Rosicrucians Mysticism Initiatics

Pattée cross pendant necklace

III. Spiritual and Religious Interpretations

The cross pattée transcends the boundaries of art and aesthetics to become a symbol deeply rooted in the realms of spirituality and faith . Its striking appearance and rich history have given it deep spiritual significance, invoking beliefs and rituals that have evolved over centuries across religions.

A. A Portal to Universal Spirituality

The cross pattée has found its place in a multitude of spiritual beliefs around the world. In the Christian context, it is often seen as a cross with the eight beatitudes, each representing a Christian virtue such as mercy , purity and peace . This interpretation expands the symbolism of the cross pattée as a spiritual guide to virtuous living .

In esoteric traditions, the cross pattée can be seen as a portal to hidden knowledge and connection with the divine . Its eight branches can symbolize the different stages of spiritual evolution or the multiple aspects of higher reality .

B. Protection and Spiritual Connection

The Templar Cross has been revered as a powerful symbol of protection . It was often worn as a talisman to repel negative energies and invoke benevolent forces . Believers considered it a spiritual shield , a bulwark against the harmful influences of the outside world.

In addition to its protective function, the cross pattée is also seen as a means of strengthening spiritual connection . It can serve as a focal point during meditations and rituals, helping practitioners immerse themselves in a state of deep contemplation and inner connection.

C. Rituals and Sacred Practices

The cross pattée has been incorporated into various rituals and religious practices throughout history. In some cultures, it was used in blessing , healing , or protection ceremonies. Special prayers were recited in conjunction with the cross to invoke divine blessings and positive energies.

Amulets and objects of worship decorated with the cross pattée were also used in religious ceremonies to promote connection with the divine and strengthen the faith of the participants. These ritual practices have evolved over time, adapting to cultural and religious changes while maintaining the sacred essence of the cross pattée. Holy Spirit Awakening Ego Praying Priests Mystical Path Spiritual Influence Spiritual Emptiness Spiritual Practices

Knight Templar cross pattée

IV. Esoteric and Mystical Meanings

The cross pattée , with its mysterious lines and balanced arrangement, has sparked fascinating esoteric interpretations that transcend material dimensions. It was woven into the subtle threads of alchemy , esotericism and mystical spirituality , where it acquired deep and sometimes secret meanings.

A. Alchemy and Spiritual Transformation

In the field of alchemy, the cross pattée has been associated with the quest for spiritual transformation and transmutation . The eight branches of the cross are often connected to the eight alchemical stages of the Great Work , symbolizing the process of purification and elevation of the soul .

The cross pattée can also be interpreted as an alchemical mandala , representing the unity of man with the cosmos. From this perspective, each point of the cross represents a step in the quest for enlightenment and spiritual revelation .

B. Powers of Protection and Harmonization

In the esoteric domain, the cross pattée is often considered a symbol of protection against negative influences. It is believed to form a spiritual barrier that dissipates unwanted energies and promotes harmony in the environment.

Some believe that the cross pattée can be used as a tool to balance and harmonize the body's vital energies , acting as a focal point for meditation and healing. It is seen as a bridge between the material and spiritual planes, facilitating the flow of beneficial energy .

C. Esoteric Jewelry and Sacred Objects

The cross pattée has found its way into the realm of esoteric jewelry and sacred objects, where it is revered for its deep esoteric meaning. It can be integrated into pendants , amulets or talismans worn close to the heart to promote spiritual connection and protection .

Jewelry featuring the cross pattée can be worn as symbols of personal devotion or as constant reminders of harmony and spiritual transformation . They are considered tools for cultivating deeper consciousness and attracting positive energies into daily life.

Templar monk soldier

V. The Cross Pattée in Art and Popular Culture

The cross pattée , with its distinctive silhouette and aura of mystery, has transcended the boundaries of spirituality to leave a lasting imprint in art and popular culture. Its rich symbolism and multiple layers of meanings have attracted the attention of artistic creators and have been incorporated into various forms of cultural expression.

A. Artistic Works and Visual Symbols

From paintings to sculptures to photography, the cross pattée has found its place at the heart of many works of art . It has been depicted in artistic compositions that explore its deeper meanings, giving free rein to the artists' imagination to convey their personal interpretations.

In modern art, the cross pattée can be used as a powerful visual element, capturing the audience's attention and inviting reflection on themes such as spirituality , transformation , and connection with the divine .

B. Appearances in Popular Media

The cross pattée has also found its way into popular culture through films, books, television series and other media. It can be used to reinforce narrative elements, often symbolizing concepts such as the quest for truth , protection from dark forces , or the search for spiritual enlightenment .

When it appears in popular works, the cross pattée can spark conversations about its deep symbolism and inspire audiences to explore its meanings in more depth.

C. Reflection on its Cultural Impact

The cross pattée continues to capture the imagination of creators and the general public, attesting to its power as a cultural symbol . Its evolution across eras and diverse artistic forms reveals an enduring fascination with its multiple meanings and its ability to resonate with the deepest human aspirations.

By embodying universal themes such as transformation, spiritual connection and protection, the cross pattée continues to play an essential role in the cultural fabric of society, reminding everyone of the timeless quest for meaning and transcendence .

Cross Pattée


We have delved into the enigmatic depths of the cross pattée , revealing the many facets of this symbol rich in meaning. From its historical origins to its spiritual interpretations , including its role in art and popular culture, the cross pattée has revealed its versatile and captivating nature.

We explored how the cross pattée has been woven into threads of history, spirituality and esotericism , carrying with it messages of transformation, protection and spiritual connection.

In conclusion, the cross pattée remains an enigma that continues to stimulate human curiosity. It reminds us that symbols transcend eras and cultures, and that they offer a mirror to our deepest inner quests. As we conclude this exploration, we invite you to continue your personal journey through the symbols, to probe their hidden meanings and to discover the mysteries that lie behind each line, each branch of the cross pattée.

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